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2021 국제학술대회 프로그램북 및 초록파일 [KSBMB International Conference 2021: Program Book & Abstract Files Download]

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    2021-05-31 10:28
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2021년 KSBMB 국제학술대회 프로그램북과 세션 Abstract Book 파일 업로드해 드립니다.  

혹 문의사항이 생기신다면 로 연락 부탁드립니다. 감사합니다.



You can download the program book this attached. 

If you have any questions, please contact ​ ​ 



**Poster Category

A. Aging

5/25 (Tue)
Posting time. 9:00-16:00

B. Bioinformatics and systems biology

C. Biotechnology and molecular imaging

D. Cancer biology

E. Cell adhesion and cytoskeletal dynamics

F. Cell Biology

G. Cell differentiation, division, and death

H. Cell signaling

V. Proteomics

W. RNA biology

X. Stem cell biology

Y. Vascular Biology

I. Chemical biology and drug discovery

5/26 (Wed)
Posting time. 9:00-16:00

J. Chromatin remodeling and epigenetics

K. Development and regeneration

L. Genetics and genomics

M. Infection & Immunology

N. Metabolism and metabolic diseases

O. Microbiology

P. Molecular medicine and imaging

Q. Neuroscience

R. Organoid

S. Plant biology

T. Protein modification and regulation

U. Protein structure and function