Dear Esteemed Members of KSBMB,

In 2020, an event happened that no one expected and the whole world had a very tough year. What makes us feel even worse is that the event that has made us difficult is not over yet even though the New Year has begun. However, the beginning implies that it is heading toward the end. We are hearing good news about the development of vaccines and treatments that light up the dark tunnel, and I feel hope and pride that Korea Bio is playing a big role in the global efforts to overcome the pandemic. With this hope and pride, I wish you and our society a bright spirit of the New Year 2021.

In 2021, our conference is scheduled to be held at BEXCO, Busan, and all the members of the executive committees are making constant efforts. Even though many difficulties are expected, shouldn't our society leading the Korean bioscience and technology overcome this situation and hold a successful conference? Therefore, it is a time when the support and participation of members is more urgent than ever.

We have already experienced that we have the power and ability to safely hold meetings with the hard work and support of the president, executive committee, members, and sponsors even in the urgent situation of the 2020 corona pandemic. Please give a big applause to the 2020 executive committee. There will be some unexpected difficulties this year too, but I believe the new executive committee, KSBMB members, and sponsors will be able to cope well.

The achievements of our society so far have been unspeakably recognized, but I would emphasize that the recent EMM and BMB reports recorded the highest IF numbers, and the EMM is expected to exceed 6 next year. In addition to these achievements, I believe that our society have played a leading role in cultivating next-generation leaders, providing correct bio-knowledge to the general public, and the excellence of Korean biotechnology that was further highlighted by this pandemic. I express my sincere gratitude once again, emphasizing that this is thanks to the efforts of many wonderful and dedicated people who have run KSBMB together with our members.

I wish you great achievements in your research, and I ask for your unwavering affection and support for our society in the New Year.

Thank you.

In-san Kim
Korean Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology