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Submission Guidelines

Authors must submit abstracts for presentation at the KSBMB International Conference 2021 using the Abstract Submission System. Please see the following information for posting your poster.

- Abstract submission Deadline: Apr 9 (by 6 PM), 2021

- Registration Date: February 15 (Mon) ~ ~Apr 23 (by 6 pm), 2021

Before you begin, please check the following information:

  1. Abstract should be written in English.
  2. The maximum character limit, including the body, reference, and acknowledgement of the abstract, is 200 words.
  3. Abstracts must be allocated to a specific topic for the scientific program. Please choose from the category.
    • A. Aging
    • B. Bioinformatics and systems biology
    • C. Biotechnology and molecular imaging
    • D.Cancer biology
    • E. Cell adhesion and cytoskeletal dynamics
    • F. Cell Biology
    • G. Cell differentiation, division, and death
    • H. Cell signaling
    • I. Chemical biology and drug discovery
    • J. Chromatin remodeling and epigenetics
    • K. Development and regeneration
    • L. Genetics and genomics
    • M. Infection & Immunology
    • N. Metabolism and metabolic diseases
    • O. Microbiology
    • P. Molecular medicine and imaging
    • Q. Neuroscience
    • R. Organoid
    • S. Plant biology
    • T. Protein modification and regulation
    • U. Protein structure and function
    • V. Proteomics
    • W. RNA biology
    • X. Stem cell biology
    • Y. Vascular Biology
  4. Please proof your abstract carefully for formatting, spelling, and data errors, No changes may be made to abstract after the deadline.
  5. Withdrawal requests must be sent by email to after deadline. Withdrawal request must include the title as well as an explanation of the reason for withdrawal (Poster participant only).
  6. All notifications regarding abstract status and detailed schedule for poster number and presentation time will be notified on pop-ups in our homepage and also emailed to presenting and corresponding authors in early May, 2021.
  7. The acceptance letter will be emailed to presenting and corresponding authors when you finish submitting your abstract. The authors could revise and delete the submitting abstract in my page(KSBMB member) or Abstract list(all authors) until the deadline.
  8. For questions regarding the online submission process, please contact (Poster participant Only).
  9. The presenting author is expected to attend the Conference and present their abstract. Presenting authors of abstracts must be registered participants. If the presenting author of an abstract does not register (pre-registration or on-site registration), the abstract will be may automatically withdrawn in PDF version of abstract.

For questions regarding the online submission process, please contact